The use of a tool, typically made of jade or ceramic, to break up adhesions and promote the proper flow of Qi and blood through an area of the body. Under conditions of normal blood flow, the capillaries (very small blood vessels) should be flexible enough so that when external pressure is applied, they move out of the way and no reaction occurs. When blood is not flowing smoothly and becomes stagnant, or stuck, this “scraping” along the skin and muscle layers will cause those capillaries to break and disperse so that new blood can form and flow as it should. This will leave visible red marks and bruising as those dead red blood cells that were stuck now rise to the skins surface so that the body can reabsorb them and create new, healthy blood.

Gua Sha is useful in treating headaches, fever, muscular ache & tension, fibromyalgia, dizziness, colds & flu, and joint pain.

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